Jewish Quarter (Židovské Město)

Klausen Synagogue (Klausová synagoga)

Klausen SynagogueThis Baroque synagogue was built in 1694 at the site of three smaller buildings, formerly burnt down. There is a good exhibition of Hebrew prints and manuscripts now as well as an exhibition of history and customs of the Jews living in the region of Central Europe.

Old Jewish Cemetery (Starý židovský hřbitov)

Old Jewish CemeteryThe cemetery was founded in 1478 and fot more than 300 years it was used only for Jews. However, the area was limited and for lack of space the graves had to be made in several layers - there are 12 000 of tombstones nowadays, but the number of buries corpses exceeds 100 000. The most prominent graves are those of Rabbi Lew, Rabbi David Oppenheim, Mordechai Maissel, David Gans, and Hendela Bassevi

The Old New Synagogue (Staronová synagoga)

The Old New SynagogueThe Old New Synagogue is the oldest synagogue in Europe that is still in use. It was completed in 1270 and it miraculously survived many fires. It also endured many pogroms. There are still some bloodstains visible on the walls that couldn´t be covered no matter how many times the walls had been repainted. According to the legend, he Golem constructed from clay by Rabbi Lew and afterwards brought to life by magic, is stored in the synagogue´s attic. Golem is supposed to be the first robot.

Maisel Synagogue (Maiselova synagoga)

Maisel SynagogueBuilt at the end of 16th century by rich Mordechai Maisel for his own use, this synagogue was a victim to fire at the end of the 17th century. A new synagogue has been built in its place. Its present look is a result of renovation carried out at the beginning of the 20th century. It houses a fascinating collection of Jewish - related works of art.

Spanish Synagogue (Španělská synagoga)

Spanish SynagogueIt was built in the 19th century in the place of thr oldest Prague Jewish chapel called "The Old School" and now it is used as a depository of the Jewish Museum.



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