New Town (Nové Město)

Wenzeslas Square (Václavské náměstí)

Wenzeslas SquareWenzeslas Square is the natural centre of Prague wich is worth to be walked step by step. Dominating feature of the upper end is the building of National Museum from second half of the 19th century. The square was founded in the 14th century initially as a horse market and in 1848 it was renamed in honour of st.Wenzeslas - patron of Czech land-whose monumental bronze equatorian statue is situated in front of the museum.

National Museum (Národní muzeum)

National MuseumNeo-Renaissance building built in 1890 by Josef Schulz, was not intended to be a mere museum, but a centre of Czech sciences and cultural and political ambitions. 

Dancing House (Tančící dům)

Dancing HouseThe very non-traditional design was controversial at the time. Czech president Václav Havel, who lived for decades next to the site, had supported it, hoping that the building would become a center of cultural activity. 

National Theatre (Národní divadlo)

National Theatre This Neo - Renaissance building is situated on the right bank of the river and it has always been an important symbol of the Czech rational revival. It was built in 1881 with money from a nationwide collection. It burnt down shortly before its opening but it was restored again within two years. Decoration is the work of the greatest Czech artists of that time.



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